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Program Benefits

Greater accessibility to public safety standard radio communications for frontline personnel and for day-to-day operations through increased coverage and network capacity, availability and resilience designed to meet mission critical standards. When complete, the enhanced GRN will significantly increase the level of shared and interoperable coverage available to NSW Government agencies from less than 35%  to over 80% of the state. Coverage in urban areas will also improve from 96.5% to close to 100% as a result of the CCEP.

More flexible incident responses and coordination as network users can share information (interoperability) between each other and across borders.This enhanced capability has considerable benefits for frontline law enforcement, public safety and essential services agencies who will be able to more easily communicate and coordinate responses to critical incidents leading to better outcomes for the community.

A single common platform for critical communications which will support existing voice communications between agency personnel while also preparing NSW for the deployment of next generation technologies, such as public safety mobile broadband and compatible applications.  Examples of these applications include scanners for in-field patient diagnosis and treatment advice, real-time two-way video, and information database access in the field including medical records, and criminal record checks.

More efficient management of resources by reducing the duplication of infrastructure and taking advantage of the economic benefits realised through a single portfolio. Through the CCEP, the best existing sites will be retained and new sites constructed where required.  Moving from over 2,600 separate agency sites to approximately 800 shared network sites, the CCEP will deliver long term cost savings as surplus infrastructure is decommissioned.